Para Gel Nails - Product List

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Non-wipe Smooth Matte Gel 10g

A No-wipe Matte top gel with a dewy and velvety finish. Its low viscosity makes it easy to apply, and is suitable for a wide variety of designs.

Para Gel Mixing Gel 10g

A transparent gel used to create the desired shade. Also excellent for gradient nail designs.

Paragel Clear Gel 10g / 25g

Buffing is not necessary with this base gel. No damage to the nail and preparation time can be shortened. Quick self leveling. Recommended for damaged nails. Easy to use.

Paragel Art Clear Gel 10g

Buffing is not necessary with this base gel. Viscosity is high compared to the Natural Line Clear Gel. Recommended for those who want to have thickness and fill in uneven nail surfaces. Also suitable for fill-ins.

Paragel Clear Gel EX 4g / 10g

A water resistant, no buffing base gel. Its high viscosity can be used to create thickness and strength, and this makes it suitable for fill-ins. Recommended for those that often come into contact with water or suffer from hyperhidrosis.

*Use within 6 months of purchase.
*Use up as soon as possible once opened.
*Keep in a cool and dark place with a constant temperature as this gel is sensitive to light and heat.

Paragel Top Gel 10g / 25g

High gloss shine Top Gel. Prevents discoloration and long-lasting.

Paragel Art Top Gel 10g / 25g

High gloss shine top gel. Prevents discoloration and provides long lasting shine.

Paragel Sculp Gel 10g / 25g

Having strength, this gel can be used to extend the free edge by a length of about two-thirds of the nail bed.

Paragel Super Sculp Gel 10g / 25g

Soak off gel that is as strong as hard gel. Has a hard finish and the free edge can be extended by about 1cm. Can be used to secure nail art stones.

Lucent Line Top Gel 10g

A non-wipe high gloss Lucent Line Top Gel that brings out the shine of the lucent colors.
Prevents discoloration and provides long lasting shine.

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Para Prep 120ml / 1000ml

To remove oil and moisture from the natural nail plate.

Para Cleaner 120ml / 1000ml

To wipe off the tacky, sticky layer.

Para Remover 120ml / 1000ml

Gentle on the skin and nail during removal.

Cuticle Remover 200ml

To soften the cuticles and remove dead skin cells. Used for nail preparation and gel removal.
*Shake well before use.