Para gel is a gel nail system that is kind to your nails as buffing is not required

“No buffing required” means
gel nails that do not damage your real nails.

“I want to get gel nails, but buffing will damage my real nails.”
We are addressing voices like these.
paragel is changing the concept of gel nails.
(paragel is) long-lasting even without any buffing.
A 30-second curing time under LED light means application time can be greatly reduced.
With Paragel, your customers’ nail life will change dramatically.

Enjoy an amazing nail life with Paragel damage-free nails.

What makes Paragel different?
The differences between Paragel and conventional gel nails

Para Gel

Para Gel

Buffing of the natural nail is not required so nails do not become thin and damaged.
Nails remain healthy and undamaged.
No buffing needed.
Quick curing time.

Conventional Gel Nails

Conventional Gel Nails

Buffing is necessary
Application takes a long time
Decreased productivity

No Buffing Needed!

With paragel buffing is not required so the surface layer of your nail stays intact, allowing the gel to adhere directly to your healthy nail. Getting the gel to adhere without buffing requires skill, differentiating professionally done nails from "At-home" nails. In addition, because the gel adheres without permeating into the nail, paragel can be easily removed without damaging the nail.

Buffing is required for Conventional gel nails

Because the surface of the nail is removed and primer is used, the gel has to permeate into the nail to adhere, causing a risk of damage to the nail during removal.
Furthermore, forcibly peeling the gel off your nails will also peel off part of your own nail, causing damage and pain.

High quality pigments mean little discoloration!

Because we use high quality pigments, Paragel features very little change in color over long periods of time.
Additionally, as our gels do not separate, mixing is not required (with a few exceptions)

Conventional gel nails require buffing.

Color can gradually change over time due to ultraviolet rays. Mixing is also necessary with every use.

With LED light, curing takes only 30 seconds!

Because of the fast 30 second curing time, application time is greatly reduced.
The application time for each nail technician is reduced, leading to increased productivity for your whole shop.

Curing with UV light takes one to three minutes.

Due to the one to three minute curing time, application takes a long time. As the application time increases, not only is it tiring for the customer, it also decreases the productivity of your shop.