Regarding storage or mixing, is there anything I should be careful about?

Regarding storage

※Keep the gel in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
※Do not use old gel as it is applied directly to the nail
※Do not leave the lid off of the gel for extended periods of time
※If the gel is exposed to light the quality may be affected
※Do not put the gel or brushes in front of the LED light

Regarding mixing

※ Mix the gel gently and avoid scratching the bottom of the container with the tip of a sharp object
(It is possible to scratch or scrape the bottom of the bottom of the container)

How long do Paragel nails usually last?

It depends on the condition of your nails, but with healthy nails they usually last about three weeks to one month.
Even if the gel nails do not start lifting, leaving them on for more than a month without repairing or removing them can cause nail trouble so please be careful.

Is it really OK not to buff the nail?

Yes. Buffing is not necessary. It attaches to the top plate without scratching the surface of the nail.
However, if there is no top plate, or if the nail is damaged or thin, the application may be irregular so we strongly recommend that you use Paragel after taking the diploma course and fully understand the application procedure.

What’s the difference between the Natural Line and the Art Line?

○Natural Line
With polish-like softness, the Natural Line features fast self-leveling and a natural finish.

○Art Line
With high viscosity and no bleeding, the Art Line makes delicate art possible. The outstanding color quality is also perfect for the application of gel art.

Can I mix my color gels?

Paragel gels can be mixed together. however as the hardness of the gels are different, the viscosity will change when they are mixed.

Can gels from other brands be used with Para Gel?

We do not recommend using Para Gel with gels from other brands as there may be compatibility issues. For best results, use the base, color and top gels from Para Gel.

Does the gel cure under fluorescent or other lights?

If you leave the container in the sunlight or under a desk lamp for a long time with the lid off, the gel will harden. Also, please be careful if you apply it next to a window. Do not leave the lid off during use. After use, please return it to a cool, dark location.

Which gel should I use for fill-ins?

Because Art Clear Gel is strong, it is suitable for fill-ins. Clear Gel EX is great for people who come into contact with water at work and for those who tend to have sweaty hands. (hyperhidrosis)

Is it necessary to agitate (mix) the color gels?

"Natural Line" Pearl/Sheer/Glitter/Glitter Pearl/Clear
"Art Line" AS/AP/AG/AC/AMD16
"Lucent Line"
Mixing is required for the gel lines listed above.
* Avoid agitating (mixing) with sharp objects, and stir gently.
*Mixing may be carried out for other gels as deemed necessary.

What is the wavelength of Paragel’s LED light?

Between 380nm ~ 420nm (UV light: 380nm or less)

Can you get a sunburn from Paragel’s LED light?

No, you do not have to worry about sunburn.

What is the difference between UV light and LED light?

UV light comes from the reflecting and scattering of ultraviolet rays, whereas LED light travels straight and comes from visible light. The transmission of LED light is also faster, which leads to shorter curing times.
Since the LED light does not disperse or reflect, please be sure to keep your fingers straight so that the light hits not only the top surface of the nail, but also the back and side surfaces as well.
Furthermore, the lifespan of a UV light is about 3,000 hours, whereas that of an LED light is approximately 40,000 hours, more than 10 times that of a UV light. Curing time is also reduced to ¼ to ⅙ of the time.

Will UV gel cure with Paragel’s LED light?

Depending on the gel, some gels will cure and some will only appear to have cured.
We cannot guarantee the results you will get with UV gel, therefore, we do not recommend it.

Can Paragel be cured with another company’s light?

It is not recommended if you are curing under UV light because the curing speed will vary depending on the color. Also, depending on the type of LED light, it may cure too quickly and cause excessive heat, therefore we cannot recommend it.

I used the light for the specified time, but the gel is not curing. Is there a problem with the light?

It is possible to apply too much gel. If too much is applied, it may not cure completely. If you have applied the correct amount of gel and it still is not curing, the light may be weakening. In that case, please contact our repair office.

Nail Select Head of Repairs: 078-221-1003
651-0086 Hyogo-ken Kobe City, Chuo-ku Isogami-dori 6-1-3, Kobe Arai Bldg. 8F

What is the life expectancy of a Paragel LED light?

We recommend inspecting the light exposure after one year. If you try to cure the nails under a weakened light, the gel may not cure completely.

Why do nails chip at the tip and lift and peel off in layers.

If a nail is damaged or thin, applying Para Gel without first making a temporary substitute top plate may cause chipping of the nail. Please create a temporary subtitute top plate before proceeding with the application of para gel. If the base gel coat is not evenly applied, even healthy and thick nails may chip, so please coat the nail all the way to the edges.
Application of a thick coat of gel at once will result in incomplete curing, so if more thickness is required, please use multiple thin coats.

Why did the base of my nail chip?

If gel sticks to the cuticle, it could cause lifting. Thick gel at the cuticle line is also susceptible to lifting and peeling. Additionally, if there is loose cuticle remaining after preparation, or if you do not moisturize or clean the nail sufficiently with Para Prep, it could also cause lifting.

Why does it become cloudy when I wipe off the uncured gel?

If the LED light does not hit the nail directly or if there is not enough top gel, it will not cure well and could cause cloudiness.
Also, please use a wipe soaked with Para Cleaner to wipe off the nail, not paper towels or such which dry out quickly. Beware of evaporation and drying from contact with direct air from air conditioners. Also be sure to check the amount of top gel that is used.

My color gel is uneven.

As with polish, avoid applying the gel all the way to the cuticle line. Rather, apply the gel near the cuticle line and gently push it towards the cuticle line.
This way accumulation along the cuticle line will be less of a problem. After that, gently pull the gel toward the free edge without standing the brush up vertically.
Do not apply thesel too thickly on the sides. Do not try to fix the unevenness by adjusting the amount of gel. Applying it too thickly will cause it to not cure properly.

How do I remove the nails, and how long does it take?

The removal process is different depending on whether the nails are damaged or healthy. File the color gel down to where the clear gel remains, and cover the nail with cotton soaked with Para Remover and then wrap it in aluminum foil.

Please wait 20 minutes for damaged nails, or 10 to 15 minutes for healthy nails. Following that, use a cuticle remover and a metal pusher to gently remove the remaining gel.
※With a “UTSUMI x Paragel Pusher” this process should be smooth.
※Para Remover is volatile, and can evapovate quickly therefore opening the aluminum foil before the designated time will expose it to the air and greatly reduce the effectiveness.

Why can’t I remove the nails for 20 minutes after I apply the remover?

If Paragel is applied to a previously damaged nail or if the top plate has been previously buffed down, removal may be difficult. It may also be difficult to remove if the gel is particularly thick.

What should I do if there is a spot of gel remaining on nail’s surface?

Please apply cuticle remover and gently remove it with a metal pusher, without buffing.

What should I do if I still can’t remove it?

Cover the nail again with cotton soaked with Para Remover, wrap it in aluminum foil and leave it on for another 10 minutes. Next, apply cuticle remover and gently remove the gel with a metal pusher.
Please do not forcefully peel or scrape it off. Using removal covers will also speed up the removal time.

Should I wipe the whole nail with Para Prep?

If you do not wipe Para Prep into every groove of the cuticle, cuticle remover may remain on the nail or oil may stick to the nail which could make lifting more likely. Please fold a wipe to give it some thickness, then wipe well into every little corner.

What should I do about my cuticles and loose cuticles?

When you use a pusher, your cuticle line could be damaged if it’s not pushed back evenly. After pushing your cuticles back, be sure to rinse them with water.

Is your base gel unevenly coated?

If your brush is not moving parallel to your nail, you will be pushing the gel onto the nail and the surface of the nail will be more prone to unevenness.
Nails that are damaged or rough due to excessive buffing are also susceptible to uneven coating.
Please apply the gel so craters do not appear in the glossy surface of the nail. If necessary, please apply a second coat of clear gel after the first coat has cured.

Is the gel running over onto your skin?

If there is an excessive amount of gel on your brush, it might run over onto the cuticle and could get onto the skin, in which case, the gel could lift from that point and could continue peeling onto the nail. Please be sure to check that the gel is not running over before you expose it to the light. If it is on the skin, please remove it with an orange wood stick before putting the gel under the light.

Did you paint all the way to the edge (to the tip of your nail)?

If the clear gel is not applied all the way to the tip of the nail, the subsequent color gel and top gel coats will be incomplete. Please ensure that the gel is applied around the edge, and check to see that is is coated all the way to the tip of the nail.

Did you apply one thick coat?

If you apply one thick coat, the light cannot penetrate the gel. While at a glance it may look like it has hardened, might not be sufficiently cured.

Has a customer touched the top of their nail in the middle of the application process?

When oil, dust, and moisture get on the nail, it makes it difficult for the gel to affix to the nail, which can cause lifting. If a customer touches the nail in the middle of the application, please wipe the surface of the nail down again with Para Prep.

Is the LED light hitting your nails directly

LED light is linear light. As it does not reflect, please be careful if you have nails like those below.

・Those with curved or ingrown nails ⇒ please rotate your hand left and right under the light.
・Those with a long free edge ⇒ please turn the palm of your hand up so the light hits the edge too.
・Those with short nails ⇒ be careful not to let the gel overflow onto the fingertip.
・Those whose nails curl downward ⇒ slightly raise the tips of your nails to face the light.
・Those whose nails do not face straight up ⇒ Please tilt your fingers or tilt the light.

*When putting all five fingers in the light together, it is difficult for the light to hit part of your thumb. Please put your thumb in the light after the other 4 fingers are done.
*When exposed to the light, spread your fingers apart slightly and try not to let your fingers cast a shadow on each other. This could cause the nail to lose luster, even if the gel has cured.