Membership System

Under the para gel Membership System,
you will receive discounts on para gel products and great deals on other services.

regular members
sliver members!
gold members

There are four levels in the para gel Membership system.
Please note that the requirements for each level are different.

Regular Members

[Who is Eligible?]

Those who have
purchased the
Pro Master Kit or
License Kit

10% OFF
Color Gel

Bronze Members

[Who is Eligible?]

Those who have
completed the para gel
Diploma Course II
(previously the Art Course)

20% OFF
Color Gel

Silver Members

[Who is Eligible?]

Those who have a
para gel Silver License1 or Gold License2

Color gel

[Upon Request]

1 Listing as a para gel Registered salon [upon request]
2 Listing as a para gel Certified salon [upon request]

Gold Members

[Who is Eligible?]

para gel Educators / Instructors*

50% OFF
Color Gel

20% OFF
Selected products

*Japan para gel Instructors are not eligible.

How to become a para gel Member

Membership levels are upgraded automatically upon eligibility. (eg. Regular member to Bronze member)